Lynn Koch, CRS

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Linda and John Shaw
""Best agent and service EVER!""

Sharon Masterson
"Good experience. Lynn and Ken were very hard working and helpful. Could not have asked for more!"

David M. Barz and Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
"Lynn & Ken Koch were fantastic throughout the entire process of getting our home sold. Our buyers were very difficult & tried to squeeze more money out of us after every inspection. Lynn's advice helped us to make it through to closing without additional expense. We really appreciated all of Lynn & Ken's efforts to get our house sold in a very challenging market!"

Kenneth Grimes and Lynne Kaskela
"We have been involved in three property sales and four buys. Never have we worked with such an attentive realtor. Lynn is the best!"

Suzanne Maxwell
"Have worked with Lynn a number of times. 
Would use as agent again, recommend her, and satisfied with experience."

Christian Smith
"Outstanding level of service. Will definitely use Lynn and Ken again in the future

Andrew Rankin                                       "From a score of 1 through 5 (1 being worst and 5 being best). All questions answered with a 5."Andrew Rankin                                       "From a score of 1 through 5 (1 being worst and 5 being best). All questions answered with a 5.".

Mark and Kathy Dyslin                             "Lynn and Ken, thank-you for all of your help! We are grateful for the time you spent with us, answering questions, checking on the house, etc. Your thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed."

Bruce and Carolyn S. Muggenburg
"Initial contact with your agent? BEST 
Level of marketing provided? BEST 
Agents knowledge of area and product? BEST 
Kept informed throughtout the process? BEST 

Stan Manning
"Lynn is knowledgeable of the area and product. She kept me informed throughout the process of the transaction. We recommend Lynn and Ken to our friends and relatives. Thank you very much!"

Corbin and Erin Newman
"Lynn and Team did an outstanding job from beginning to end!"

Dale and Michaeleen Anderson
"They went above and beyond-Just Great."

Vicki Gottlieb

Dave and Susan Hersted
"We wanted to thank you so much for all the "extra miles" you went for us to get Mom's house sale done. We know if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be where we are today - SOLD! We certainly appreciate all that you (and Ken) did.....Lynn is an OUTSTANDING agent. We feel so fortunate to have had her for our agent."

J. Kay Turner
"Thanks so much for picking out just the right pieces of property for me to see while I was in Placitas. It was time well spent for me to have a realistic overview of that area which I like so much.....I really enjoyed getting to have a nice visit with you. I know why your clients are all friends. I'll look forward to seing you again in the future. Again, thanks so much for your time and effort on my behalf."

Jeffrey Trujillo and Bob Klein

Bengt and Jenny Farnstrom
"Would recommend to a friend or relative. Rated Best in all categories of service!"

Len and Sandy Seward
"It was a great transaction. We were informed of anything that happened during the process. Low stress. Great job!"

Ron Lucchino and Danielle Pete
"We were extremely satisfied with Lynn's patience, perserverance and keeping us informed throughout the process."

Douglas and Nancy Cook
""With the assistance of Lynn Koch, our purchase could not have been easier. Her knowledge of the area, the real estate purchasing process, etc., was excellent. We were kept abreast of all issues thoughout the process. She is a true professional and a joy to work with.""

John and Joyce Pope
"Your time and effort on our behalf these last few days reflect your caring for our needs. We appreciate all you have done for us more than words can express..."

Thomas and Cindy Langlois
"Your initial contact with your Agent? BEST 
Level of marketing your agent provided? BEST 
Agent knowledgeable of the area & product? BEST+++++++ 
Informed you throughout the process? BEST 
Answered your questions? BEST"

Ryan and Breanne Magers
"We feel that Lynn went above and beyond her duties as our realtor. We could not have found a better agent to work with. We always knew exactly what was hapening with our transaction becasure of her continual communication. We would with no doubt recommend her to anyone in need of an agent."


Ron Bloch and Kathleen Brown            Lynn is the BEST!  She was actively with us through every step of the purchase process...offering advice, providing updates and following up on every detail.  She is extremely organized, thorough and she truly cares.  Lynn and Ken are a great team! 

Gary and Tricia Hall
"Thank you both for your tireless help through the process. We are extremely grateful to have had your professional expertise and your friendly support."

Frank and Carol Ninkovich
"They are the best. Their attention to detail and the quality of service are unparalleled."

Allen and Audrey Harrison
"Both Lynn and Ken performed services in our behalf far above what they needed to. Wonderful people. 
Their expertise, consideration, and assistance on all wants are superb. We are most appreciative and hope that we're able to help them in any way in the future."

Al and Sherry Evans
"This letter is in praise of Lynn and Ken and their assistance in our home search in ABQ. I (Sherry) began with Lynn a year ago-She spent a great amount of time showing me properties. (I especially appreciated that she'd previewed each one!). She did not diminish in enthusiasm when my choice "did not work out" just 2 houses before signing a contract. So for the year internal, she continued to update and keep in contact - always professional, enthusiastic and upbeat. She is unmatched in her grasp of her dedication of her profession. I would rcommend her (and Ken too!) in an fact I already have! Thanks Lynn and Ken for all(including waterings & pulling weeds!) you have done for us. You will continue to remain on our "friends" list!!"

Suzanne Maxwell
"Have worked with Lynn a number of times. 
Would use as agent again, recommend her, and satisfied with experience."

Georgia Vasko
"Lynn and Ken Koch are truly professional agents, at all times. I knew I was being protected and given the correct advice, especially from the communications. We avoided any misunderstandings. They were aware of my needs moving to a new home."

Walter and Paula Davis
"Lynn and Ken helped us thru the whole process of looking for property and thru the whole buying process. They both did an excellent job!"

Suzann Owings
"Placitas Houses Sell, With Help 
Word zipped through Placitas like a flash flood after a sudden storm. Aware of my community involvements and great affection for Placitas, neighbors far and wide were astonished that I sold my house. 
They also were astonished that anyone was able to quickly sell a house in this market, so let me tell you how I did it, step-by-step. 
1. Know that you want to move, not that you have to move or should move but that you WANT to move. 
As much as I love Placitas, and I've been here almost 15 years, I totally knew that I had changed and wanted to be close to my great job and all the activities in Albuquerque. 
2. Find the right realtor. 
Mine is Lynn Koch who showed me land in 1988, and finally sold me property and participated in my house's design and construction. Her team now includes Ken and Diane, which gave me three people who did the work of five. I was lucky. 
3. Create a strategy. Price it right, de-clutter, set up the open houses, and notify your friends. 
Lynn listed my house according to the price per square foot that was selling. She did a whole analysis. Out listing price was about 3% below the appraisal done 18 months earlier. 
After de-cluttering, I hired Placitas experts Sonya Coppo and Anne Vigneri to stage and feng shui my house. Let's talk serious de-cluttering. They were wonderful; it looked fabulous. 
After doing everything right, my friends sold my house. They took action after receiving my emailed intention. One friend thought my house might be perfect for a friend of her friend (three degrees of separation). She was right. 
4. Do magic. The buyer was interested but hesitant. Several folks suggested releasing rituals; I did them. After the third time my boss suggested burying St. Joseph upside down, I did it; a day later I got the offer 
Did I get my asking price, no, but I got about 92% of my asking price. I knew that I wanted to move into my new life and knew the buyer would love the house, so I'm happy. 
You'll see me around visiting with friends, and at meetings and events for the Optimist Club de Sandoval, Jarineros, and at church. I still love Placitas, I just don't live here anymore. 

​​​​​​​​​Lynn's Guide to the Placitas Community